Terra Maris®, 100% italian food specialities

don tonnino 100% italian tuna

An italian delicacies treausure Chest

Terra Maris® represents the full alimentary product line for the most demanding taste and it ranges from delicious ready to useappetizers, delicate sauces, tasty side dishes, savoury dressing ad sea specialities.

Mediterranean cuisine flavours wisely valued by typical Italian recipies are able to suit those who search tasting but at the same time genuine food. The Historic Europi company brand, Terra Maris® proposes typical delicacies of the Mediterranean Tradition ranging from an assortment of appetizers to side dishes, baked goods as well as seafood specialities and vegetable sauces.

The particular care in the selection of the ingredients and the commitment to guarantee high standard production processes make these italian food specialities real excellences of the Made in Italy, with the security of a quality according to the strictest regulations on food matter. Europi company’s brand distinguishes itself for high Quality and Great Service, featuring along with a continuous research on innovative products.

Terra Maris®’s most important products are “Pomodoraccio®”, a unique product duly protected by a trademark registration and known in the most remote countries, Don Tonnino 100% italian tuna from Sicily, which label shows the picture of the founder, Mario Zannoni, both create a brand of superior quality. The return of the high quality breadstick REGGIANINO®, invention of Kt Bruno Zannoni grandfather of the present 4th generation of businessmen, rediscovers the typical fragrance of the handmade freshly baked bread, just created for every fine gourmet. Other products we are really proud of are Hors d’oevrues appetizer for the finest aperitifs, processed by fresh and on side, mixed vegetables and side dishes offering lighness and flavour for every taste in unique products, careful selected Mushroom of first quality processed by fresh, sun dried tomatoes offering the full tomato taste for original and fantastic cooking recipies, 100% italian tomato souce, the essential ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine, Handmade pasta drawn throug bronze dies and the professional products Pizzatù, Puccia, Minipizza and Focaccia.

Terra Maris®, The perfect match among taste, quality and service!