Reggianino: Elegance & Tradition

The new TerraMaris oven product, the high-quality breadstick for refined tables, is born.


Europi srl has been working for years in the production and marketing of food products for grocery, retail, catering, GD and GDO channels.
Among the various brands of the company, TerraMaris is dedicated to the lines of undergarments and vinegar, food products, seafood specialties and bakery products. The last born in the TerraMaris house is “Reggianino”, a top quality hand-made breadstick distributed in 20 g single-pack bag and 250g flow pack.


Reggianino is a high quality baked product. We need to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by communicating through the packaging the superior quality of the product and making it the ideal complement to the most stylish and trendy tables “the product manager of the product. With this goal, Reggianino’s image is created.

The plush black background recalls the elegance of men’s clothing, with the classic essence typical of the classic. The curvilinear elements that form sinuous spirals give a more feminine touch, with the characteristic harmony of circularity.

The silhouette of a woman with her hair in the wind, combined with gold color, tells wheat fields, simple elements, genuine flavors and recalls the concept of “craftsmanship” of the workmanship.

The lettering, which is well harmonized with the TerraMaris logo, declined in gold and black tones, is both refined and incisive.

As a whole, the Reggianino image is suited to contemporary contexts, resulting in elegant without being cold, refined without being artifacts, minimal without being poor.