The Professional Products Pizzatu’, Puccia, Minipizza and Focaccia

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The products “ The Professional” Europi, thanks to the technology of the controlled atmosphere and the opportunity to preserve them for 60 days in refrigerator, without any use of preservatives, are able to take everywhere a real “Pizzaiolo” .

The durum wheat semolina allows to all the products “The Terra Maris Professional” to keep all the qualities of the cooked product even they are just heated.

“PizzaTù”: a special pizza, handcrafted, 33 cm diameter, 100% durum wheat semolina

“Mini pizza” : 17 cm diameter, 100% durum wheat semolina for “Pizzette” and “Rotolazzo” Terra Maris .Try to roll it around a wurstel or to create a fan with rucola and stracchino.

“Puccia”: true bread from Salento that allows you to express all your imagination and greediness.

“Focaccia”: you can dress it as you want so you can create the several regional recipes of “Gnocco” and “Focaccia” .