Thody®, high quality Pineapple and fruit salads in tin and jar

Thody Pineapple and fruit salads

High Quality fruit duly guaranteed within tin and glass jars.

Renowned Far East Pineapple, most delicious mediterranean and tropical fruit salads, tasty Greek peaches are some of the best Thody® brand products.

Thody® is a historic brand very well established, properly known within the Italian Market.

Among main references of this range we find Premium Quality Pineapple CHOICE GRADE, Fruit salad, Exotic Fruits and Syrup Peaches canned in different sizes suitable for any kind of use. Thody® offers a selection of the best GMO-free fresh fruit from the countries of origin, in jar and in tin.

Thanks to a strict selection of raw materials and to the hogh quality standards of the production processes, Thody® represents a selection of the best fruit. Processed on site, the fruit and the Pineapple maintain the pleasure and taste of freshness. The most selective rules of our certificate of origin are devoted to select raw materials coming from Europe as well as Thailand thus offering a high quality range of products.

The differet sizes meet the requirements of various distribution channels: from domestic use (large distribution and large retail organization) to Horeca Channel.

We are specialized and experienced fruit and Pineapple importers from Far East, offering a great distribution service se

Thody®, all the taste of fruit!